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ax printing is one of the oldest and traditional printing technologies in China. In Qin and Han Dynasty(the first century B.C), Some national minorities in southwest areas of China invented the method o/f wax printing and in Sui and Tang Dynasty, This Kind of prints was widely applied in people’s daily life, Its period in great prosperity was in Tang Dynasty. Up to now, People in Southwest Part of China, especially in areas where such national minorities lives as Bu Yi and Miao, are going down from generation to generation with the technological process of wax printing which enjoys the high and well-known reputation.
  As the technology process of block printing is an old technology combined with painting art, it spreads over 5 continents. There’re several sayings about the origin of wax printing, up to now, no authentic concludings can be obtained. MR. Noel Dilifos, an expert of wax printing in U.K., in his writing 《technology of wax printing》he believed that wax printing originated from China and Spread, along the “silk way”, to Malay islands and Indonesia, In 1619, in order to enlarge their military force, the Netherlanders who occupied ZhaoWa island of Indonesia, enlisted black people from West Africa to ZhaoWa Island. During the long Period of serving the Army, the black soldiers gradually got used to the local culture and life custom to wear Batik wax prints and took this wearing custom back to Africa.