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  Rosin is utilized as the medium for block printing and, by dyeing process for the veins on the fabric and the application of the tracing printing technology, this Kind of Prints is the same as the basic fundamental of manual wax printing, but the printing effect is obviously improved and it can’t be compared with by the manual wax printing for the rich and bright colour and the identical effect on both sides of the fabric.

  The technology process:
  1. Wax coating: coating the patterns by fluent wax on the surface of fabric.
  2. Wax dyeing: After the wax on the fabric becomes dry the fabric is dyed but the dyeing is blocked on the
parts with wax coated on. When dyed, because of the mechanical swinging force, same crackles appear called “wax veins”.
  3. Wax removal: the wax veins came out by removing the wax on the fabric.
  4. Printing: various patterns are printed on the white parts which
are coated with wax previously and the Pitts was
brought to completion after finishing.